Antonio Grimaldi for those who love fashion and the good stories is a true legend. His exciting life shows that there is always space in this world to be truly themselves and even more. Lonile

Loneliness is a strange kind of freedom, but for an artist it's a necessary freedom. Creatively and psychologically.

When an artistic marriage ends sometimes the best moments and the worst of life may coincide. This is the paradox of a farewell.

The ' farewell in this case was with Sylvio Giardina, an extraordinary couturier with which Antonio Grimaldi dominated the scene of Roman high fashion with the brand Grimaldi Giardina since 1998 until 2010, coming to be invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show their amazing fashion collections in Paris for three unforgettable seasons.

They say that at the hour of the meeting and at the hour of farewell the feelings of a man is always more pure and glowing.

It surely must have been really exciting create, launch and impose a own high fashion brand in so much exclusive, elitist and competitive world such as that of haute couture. Pure adrenaline.

Likewise truly intense it must have been the time to pack his pride because every choice in life is a gamble.

So, took the flight of freedom is now gliding gently through a wonderfully strange valley, still to be explored and which he is the king. He found his personal human dimension and creative universe with his own instinct, following a route entirely personal and finally with no co-pilot at his side.

Antonio Grimaldi is known for his artistic and human sensibility that is reflected in his ethereal and delicate creations that are like floating poems on the catwalk.

A very close eye can see his talent in being able to whisper the real beauty when many other couturier knows just screaming her and sometimes making it so vulgar with too many embroideries, overlays, transparencies, too much of anything, as if they have not a clear idea about their creation and they finish to bury iwhat could and should be under too many layers of  nothing.

Antonio Grimaldi just use with masterful taste one special detail to make unique a dress. He maybe remember the great lesson of father of contemporary architecture Mies Van der Rohe that, perfectly agree with the writer Gustave Flaubert, used to say that "God is in the details".

Antonio Grimaldi is consecrated internationally thanks the entrance, more than deserved, into the Empyrean of the great couturier who parade in Paris and wonderful creations of this extraordinary italian fashion designer have a soul. You can distinctly perceive it when it is shown on the catwalk or when it is hunged on a stand in the backstage. It doesn't matter. Same difference. Whether or not under the spotlights flash it gives off the same enchanting light, indeed, it is even more sublime if grazed closely and observed carefully in those divine details that make it an artisanal masterpiece.

Besides, a work of art has always its indisputable value hunged in a museum or hidden in a vault. And the same goes for the wonderful haute couture gowns signed by Antonio Grimaldi, aesthete and messenger of a sophisticated idea of beauty that transcends any criterion to create his own personal because every true artist has his voice and the timbre of the Antonio Grimaldi's artistic voice is so captivating, sensual and powerful. It magically envelops you  leaving in your memories an endless emotion.

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